Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ghostwriting?

It's surprising to me, but THIS is actually the question I get asked the most. Ghostwriting is when you hire a professional writer to write as you and on your behalf. Yes, ghostwriting is 100% legal, and a lot of people collaborate with a ghostwriter. Writing is a service, and it is one many choose to outsource. Celebrities especially tend to collaborate with a ghostwriter when writing their autobiographies. CEO's often use professional writers to draft important company-wide statements or announcement e-mails. Bloggers outsource their blog writing. Chances are, you have read the work of a ghostwriter many times, and never even knew it.

Do I legally own the content?

Yes, once our service agreement is completed and the finalized product has been delivered over to you, you own the content outright. The completed project content you pay me to procure is 100% legally yours to use for personal and professional purposes.

Do you write everything yourself? Or do you outsource your projects?

I write everything myself. I never outsource client work. I am the one who personally researches, writes, edits, and proofreads everything.

What about discretion/privacy?

The world of ghostwriting is a very discreet world, and my freelance business only works if I honor confidentiality. Rest assured, I am an ethical writer, and I would only mention our editorial collaboration in my public portfolio if I had your written permission.

Can you guarantee 100% original content with no plagiarism?

Yes. I personally run a plagiarism check through Search Engine Reports or Duplichecker before delivering your final product. If you would like proof of original content, I can provide a screen shot summary of that report for you. Otherwise, you can go directly to those sites and run a plagiarism check with the completed project yourself to verify originality.

What methods of payment do you accept? And what is the payment process?

A 50% deposit is due at the start of the project before I begin work. The remaining 50% is due within 30 calendar days of the completed project delivery date. If you are willing to pay the full 100% up front at the start of the project, I offer a 10% discount. The pay-in-advance for 10% off option does not apply to consulting hours; it only applies to project-based work orders. Every completed project will be delivered with a project statement for both of our financial record keeping. I accept payment through direct deposit, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo. Note that clients are responsible for any/all payment transfer fees.

Do you accept international clients?

As long as you can remit payment through direct deposit, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo, yes. Note that clients are responsible for any/all payment transfer fees.

Timeline/Duration - How fast can you turn around work?

It depends on my current availability and how big your project is.

What is your current availability?

My availability varies. Contact me to inquire about my current availability?

What size projects do you do?

No project is too big or too small. Some clients just want a 150-word about section revamp for their website or a 100-word professional bio for their resume. Other clients want me to write a 20 article blog campaign for them, or they want me to write a script for their YouTube videos. Whether you want me to edit/proofread your entire book or write a social media post, if you can envision it, I can write it.

Do you do one-off projects?

Yes. I love routine, on-going work, but if you are just looking for intermittent support or help on a one-off project that works for me, too!

Do you offer monthly memberships?

Yes, I do. Many of my clients find peace of mind in guaranteeing their monthly spot in my project workflow. For example, if you would like to ensure you get two articles from me a month, we can set up a month-to-month agreement.

How much does a monthly membership cost?

It entirely depends on what you want, and every membership is custom negotiated. I don't charge any extra membership fees. You just pay for the project deliverable. The membership is simply a mutual commitment: you guarantee me monthly work, and I guarantee you my monthly availability. The commitment is formalized through my standard Terms of Agreement document which we would both sign beforehand. The membership agreement goes month-to-month. Cancelation is not permitted if a monthly project is already in progress. To cancel your monthly membership, simply let me know via e-mail following the completion of the final project.

Can I talk to you on the phone? Or video meeting?

For my a la carte services, NO. For services like a bio, description, or blog, I don't charge by the hour. I charge by the project. (Trust me, that is in your best interest. Some articles I can write up, edit, proofread, perfect, and deliver in a couple of hours. Some articles, I'll spend 10+ hours finessing and fact-checking.) A la carte services include e-mail correspondence, but it does not include any phone call or virtual/Zoom meeting. As a freelancer, I need to manage my time and operate as efficiently as possible. The truth is, I do my best communicating with words over e-mail. My clients e-mail me project objectives, I e-mail them back the project deliverable - and it works! Also, I have found that written communication is essential for collaborative success. If project expectations are clearly articulated in writing and documented in an e-mail, nothing will get overlooked or forgotten.

For my hourly contracting services, YES. If you would like to contract me as a consultant, I'll be glad to hop on a call or Zoom during my contracted hours with you.

How do revisions work?

In case needed, I do include one revision with every project to ensure every vision is properly captured. I'll be honest, this rarely ever gets used, because I take the time at the beginning to ensure I understand the scope of your vision for the project. I will ask any and all necessary questions before starting work to ensure I know exactly what you want. I pride myself on getting everything right the FIRST time. But sometimes, my clients appreciate the opportunity to request a few edits or minor changes, and that's absolutely fine. The complimentary revision is there and available for you in case you need or want it.